This is me!


I am Mademoiselle FANTASY and this is –as you have probably already figured out- my blog. I am a fangirl, a comic-book nerd and also someone extremely eager to learn about life. I love superheroes, shipping fictional-characters, spreading love, hugs and good vibes and writing articles (or letter-articles, whichever is more accurate) about important issues, such as science, culture, art, social issues, films, comic-book theories and of course school-life. In addition, the fangirl part of my soul adores cute fanart, heartbreaking (or occasionally heartfixing) fanfictions and awesome fanvideos.  So, for everyone who likes those subjects, or is just curious to see how on earth am I going to be able to pull all of that in one blog, while having to deal with… well… everyday life, this is the place for you. Hope you have an amazing reading experience and -who knows?- I might actually be able to spread the excitement and passion I have to you and give you something worth getting up in the morning with a wide smile on your face.

Hugs, love and good vibes,

Mademoiselle FANTASY

P.S.: I am not French. The name was just one of those stupid ideas someone has, but likes them too much to let them go… 🙂


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