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Flowers, bushes, small trees and… a woman


I am Mademoiselle FANTASY and today I will be writing a miniature story or one-shot. Today’s inspiration is the following song:

(Listen to the song while reading this)

She is happy. She is happy surrounded by flowers and grass and plants. Her duty is to take care of them; water them, prune them, renew their dirt, cut of any unwanted intruder, for example ivy, and plant new ones. She LOVES this job. Being a gardener is her one huge dream. And you rightfully wonder “A gardener? She likes being a… gardener? Not a agriculturist, or an exterior decorator. A gardener? Is she serious?” And her response will always be… “Yes, I’m serious. I like the simplicity of the whole idea. There are no economical buries. You don’t have to fit anyones expectations, or guess what is on their mind, like a decorator, nor are you responsible for crops and business plans. It’s just me and the plants. I like it that way.” At least that was the response she gave her mother and father. They wanted more. She wanted -and still wants- to be alone with her flowers, bushes, small trees and their roots, because in those roots lie her own. She wouldn’t give that away for the world. She won’t. Period.


She is quite charming. She is cheerful and optimistic. She deals with life exactly how life should be dealt, with courage, calmness, laugh, irony and hope. Because that’s the whole point. She could plan everything and then life would break out of that box of plans and deadlines and say “Hey! I’m the boss here. And, even though I can’t fire you, you’ll listen. Understood?” And her response will always be… “I understand, but I’m the one fueling you and your hate. You won’t do, or say what I want you too, but I’ll be winner in the end.” At least that was what she had told a high-school classmate of hers, when he had started shouting at her for being a lesbian. Like that’s even a bad thing.

“It’s not a bad thing.” She had said her best friend, when he had told her he had a crush on one of their male friends. But she is rumbling again.


She does that often; rumbling. Sometimes it almost feels like when she opens her mouth a stream of words pour out of it, like the stream of water pouring from a hose while she is watering the flowers. She can’t quite stop it, unless she chooses to shut it off immediately and she can only stop when all the plants have been properly taken care of. 


What was she talking about? Oh! right… She is not the one to not take action or make plans. She is just considerate about it. She is, also very kind and giving. Everyone is in need of help, because no one can do everything. “Those plants won’t be pruned by themselves!” They require care and patience. Everyone could use some care and patience.


It’s sunny. She is wearing a hat. It’s one of these big, round, straw hats. She loves those hats. Diego says they are ridiculous. Diego prefers classic Panama hats. Diego has a weird sense of style. She is also wearing a simple dark, rose-pink shirt and a long white skirt. She has a weird sense of style. He and Ryan live together. They are best friends.

Living with Diego is a weird arrangement. There is unknown dude in the house every second night and an endless amount of coffee is required to keep Diego functioning. She prefers tea. It’s more calming. She doesn’t need coffee to get up. She always wants to take care of her miniature garden on the balcony early in the morning.


Right now, though, she is in the park of her neighborhood. There is a  greenhouse and she takes care of it. She also prunes yards and cuts trees. She is an activist too; an environmentalist and LGTBQ+ community representative. She works in Vitoria-Gasteiz’s Town Hall. She is the town’s “gardener”. She has been that for 4 years now. She enjoys the job. It gives her a sense of satisfaction. “And the pay is not bad either, mom.”


She got lost in her own words AGAIN?! That’s it. She will forever keep her mouth shut. Where was she? Oh! right…


She is just sitting at the greenhouse. She has been done for quite some time now. It’s OK. She looks at her watch… almost 7. She looks outside. The sun is setting. It’s beautiful. There is purple, blue, red, yellow and orange. They have all blended together. It’s like the flower; Bird of Paradise. She likes it.

There is sudden shift in the background. She hears a barks and running, leaves crunching and a female voice yelling “LUCIA! GET BACK HERE!”. Fractions of moments later there is a small pup, full of energy and excitement having run away from its master and it is sniffing her brown and green shoes. She looks down and smiles. The puppy is cute. It is definitely not of just one breed. She picks it up. It doesn’t protest. In fact, it licks her cheeks and nose and forehead and eyebrow. “OK, that’s enough for you, now.” She puts it down. It runs towards its master. The master is pretty. She picks it up. “You never run away like that. Hear me? Ever, Lucia!” Her tone is demanding. She is ordering the puppy. She is probably training it. 

The master looks at her. Her eyes are like Chrysanthemums and her lips like hearts. Her cheeks are red like apples and she speaks in an apologetic tone. “Sorry for Lucia. I got her just a few days ago and she is still in the training phase. África Bermúdez.” She offered her hand for a handshake. “Florencia Rubio. It’s no big deal. She is the cutest, by the way.” “Have a good day, Florencia.” “You too.”

She sees her walk away. “Wait!” África turned around and faced her. “I have a dog too. I could lend you some tips.” She is lying. “Really? I would love too.” “Want to walk?” “Sure!” Her smile is beautiful. Her smile is sort of like apple blossom; small, but noticeable and sweet. It provokes a warm feeling in her belly that fills her up. She had found her courage. “Well, first of all…”


Good morning! Good evening! Good afternoon! Wherever you might be or whenever you might be reading this. How are you guys?! I genuinely wish you’re having a good day.

I’m EARLY! Me posting… on a Friday! A deserve a round of applause just for this. 😀 This is the very first part of what I wish to be a 3 part series (we’ll see though. I don’t promise anything.) It’s definetely a 2 part series though. Tell me what you thought in the comments!

Hugs, love and good vibes,

Mademoiselle FANTASY

P.S.: I am not French. The name was just one of those stupid ideas someone has, but likes them too much to let them go… 🙂

I DO NOT own the song “Broken Roots”. It belongs to Michl and the video to the YouTube channel WonderwallMusic.

I DO own the story I wrote and the characters.

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