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The Depths Of You

Amazing, breathtaking, extraordinary, short. A work by stripSearchLA.

Jose Oseguera

It is a fervor unfettered by the flesh.
A spirit departing through the fingertips, entering the fibers of our shared pulse,
Diffusing a balmy exhalation that preludes their embrace;
Respiring the sweet scent of its anticipation.

It is a dialogue in the veins that emanates from our innermost being,
A sensation that fills the profundity of my joints.
A magnetism triggered in our bones
Whose melody resounds in their cobwebbed cavities.

The silent weeping of yearning tendons outstretching,
Wailing as one without a mother for a home that in the hand of a friend I have found.
Mortal hands that for an instance transgress the rotating tyranny of the clock’s,
Denuding the muscles of their strength, clothing them in warm blood nectar.

Our wistful thinking to fill a space within by closing the one between us
Traverses all the layers of being, and transcends all the planes of existence.

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