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“Can I call you Stevie?”


I am Mademoiselle FANTASY and today I will be writing the second part of a miniature story or one-shot. D0 read the first part here, if you haven’t so already because it’s the only way you’ll know what the story is about and you won’t get lost. Today’s inspiration is 3 things. My never-ending passion (addiction) for superheroes and ships, another blogger’s comment and post (stripSearchLA‘s “Here we (are) we here?“) and the song East, by the artist Sleeping At Last:



(Listen to the song while reading this and afterwards check out stripSearchLA)

Brooklyn, September 1923

“Want to return home together?” Steve’s chest felt like it’d break. No one had ever asked him to walk with him. He had always wondered whether he’d see things differently or not. “Sure!” 
They started walking. The girl was following them from behind. She was definitely Bucky’s sister. It felt weird. Their footsteps were synchronized and they walked in the same direction. Steve used to walk alone. He was trying to talk about something, but his brain had stopped. It was a whole new experience.
As it turned out he needn’t think of anything, Bucky talked first. “Sorry Todd and Harry called you an Irish fuck. They’ re good friends, but they can be a little bit ignorant sometimes…” Ignorant… What did that mean? Should he ask? “What does ign… ign… ignorant means?” Bucky looked at him with a weird expression. He couldn’t understand it. “Oh… well it means that you don’t know something and make wrong guesses about it.” “So… I was ignorant of the word ignorant?” Bucky giggled. He had a nice laughter. It wasn’t too shy, nor was it too loud. It was… sweet? No laughter can’t be sweet. Maybe soft… yeah… soft. “Exactly.”  “OK.”
How did Bucky knew that big word. “How did know you that?” “Oh, my pop is a lawyer. He uses words like that all the time. What does your’s do?” Steve swallowed hard . Bucky’s dad was a lawyer!? So he was educated. His father wasn’t educated. “Um… Dad works in the docks. He carries stuff and cleans up ships and sells other stuff, at Coney Island.” Bucky’s mouth was wide open and his eyes were as big as two plates. ” Your father works in the sea!? That’s amazing! I wish my pop worked by the sea.” Steve blushed. “You must be there all the time. And does your mom go there with him?” “No, ma works in Sea Breeze Hospital. She’s a nurse. She’s the best nurse. And she’ll get a pro… pro… promotion one of these days.” Steve’s chest always filled up with pride when he talked about his ma. Bucky was looking at him like he was the statue of liberty. “THAT’S AMAZING!” Bucky yelled. Bucky’s yelling was  deafening, but in a good way. “My mom doesn’t work.” Steve knew that lawyers’ wifes never worked. Why would they? They had enough money. 
They continued walking. The passed the Bellos’ barber. It was closed. It was never open during lunch time. The Bellos’ always ate in their house together. It was a lot different. Bucky wasn’t looking around like Steve. He looked straight forward. He only cared about the destination and not the journey.
The girl behind them was silent. Maybe she couldn’t talk. She was really pretty. She was tall and slim. She had long curly dark brown hair, like Bucky’s, and honey-coloured eyes. Her lips were thin and her mouth small.  She seemed thoughtful and not approachable at all. She was like a mystery. But all girls were like a mystery. Why did boys even tried to solve it? We didn’t understand, not did he wish to do so. He would draw her later.
He greeted Mr. Adams. He was eating some kind of egg bread. Once Steve had asked Mr.Adams what was it called. It was the Shabbat challah. It seemed really tasty. Steve was really hungry. He was reminded of the mashed potatoes back at home and his mouth watered. He wanted bread and chicken and rise and fruit and strawberries and milk and butter and eggs and… He had food back at home. He didn’t need much. He wouldn’t ask Mr. Adams if he could give him some of that fresh, sweet, warm, soft… bread… He sighed. He looked at Bucky. He hadn’t even noticed the bread. Probably he had some back at his home. So what? Yes his father worked in the docks and his mother worked double and triple shift just to buy his medicine and he couldn’t eat egg bread and he needed a pill so that his own lungs wouldn’t kill him. They were good people. That was what mattered. 
“What’s going on?” Bucky asked him. He was frowning and looked worried. “Do you not want me to walk with you?” Steve felt bad. He hadn’t been talking for a long time and he had troubled Bucky. “No, no, no, no. I just drifted away. I do that sometimes. I’m sorry!” He didn’t want Bucky to leave. He enjoyed his company. He had never had company before. Bucky’s features softened. “It’s OK. I’ve heard that artists do that. That their minds wander in space.” Bucky used a lot of big words. It was beautiful, his voice. The way he was talking, like he was singing and the words themselves were just beautiful. Steve wished he could draw voices. “So it just goes to show that you’re indeed an artist.” Steve blushed again. He liked being called an artist.
“Do you do anything for fun? Like drawing, or something…” “Yeah, I like playing the piano and the guitar. We have a big piano at home.” So that was why Bucky’s voice song-like. He had music in him. “That explains it then.” “Explain what?” “Your voice. You talk like a song. It’s really nice.” It was the first time he had seen someone else blush. He had always thought it’d be embarrassing, but it wasn’t. It was a pink tint on Bucky’s cheek. It make him look even more beautiful. No not beautiful. Girls are beautiful. Bucky was handsome. “Thanks. But I talk like that cause my pop’s Italian. Ann talks like that too.”
The girl behind them raised her head and said “Yes, I do. But it’s not nice. It’s ugly.” Her voice was light, but she sounded sad. “I think it’s really nice.” She looked at him and eyes nailed him to the ground. The were intense. He would draw them later. “Thank you.” She smiled. Her smile was small and shy, but visible. Her eyes looked a lot less frightening when she smiled. She looked down again. 
“I’m Irish. My parents came here one year before I was born.” Steve talked. “Mine were born here.” Bucky answered.
They reached the Steve’s door. “That’s my home. Want to come in?” “We can’t, but we live really close. How about we play baseball after studying?” No one had ever invited Steve anywhere before. “Sure!” “OK, see you later Steve!” “James?” He looked back at him “what?” “Can I call you Bucky?” “Yeah sure! Can I call you Stevie?” “Aha!” 
Good morning! Good evening! Good afternoon! Wherever you might be or whenever you might be reading this. How are you guys?! I genuinely wish you’re having a good day. So this is 2 things: a fanfic and a one-shot. You don’t have to know the story nor to like it, but if you do, enjoy a little fanfic for my boys. I’m really tired and stressed, but no I wouldn’t bail on my Fantastic Sunday. Tell me whether you liked it or not in the comments!
Hugs, love and good vibes,
Mademoiselle FANTASY


P.S.: I am not French. The name was just one of those stupid ideas someone has, but likes them too much to let them go… 🙂I DO NOT own the song East”. It belongs to the artist Sleeping At Last” and the video to the YouTube channel Sleeping At Last.

DO NOT own the characters Steve Rogers, James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, Sarah Rogers and Dad. They belong to Marvel Comics.

Also, I found this really funny Stucky meme:

Source: http://picmia.com/709647-ptsd-the-soldiers-diaries-steve-rogers-and-his-catday-3-part1

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