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Man has soul… man has soul… MAN HAS SOUL!


I am Mademoiselle FANTASY and this is the ninth day of my blog-diary. Today I will be writing about a theatrical play I saw and a specific phrase that touched me.

So, yesterday my mother and I went and watched a play in downtown Athens. It was a play based on a novel, by Leo Tolstoy, the famous Russian author. I will make to give some information for him in the next post. The title was “The Power of Darkness” or “Η Δύναμη του Σκότους” or “Сила тьмы.” It was a powerful play which focused on the never-ending battle between the good and bad inside one’s soul.

It was, by all accounts, breathtaking. It captured how wrong can become right in humans’ heart and mind if there is, of course, some type of benefit. How can one get tricked by his own egotism, his own greed and want. It was a monstrosity worth of being called beautiful. It showed how corruption lies within man, not out of him. How mean and inhumane we could be, just to satisfy our own pointless , fake pleasures and wants and needs. And how, in the end this will become a reason to not worth our own soul. The ending was a just a finished, lost man just then realising how wrong he truly was and how, maybe… just maybe… he could find peace.

But, although the entire play was extraordinary, there is one phrase, one sentence, one thing to remember. In the second act the man’s father tells him to remember this “Man has soul.” Man has soul. MAN HAS SOUL. This is probably the only thing that makes us human, our soul and we are losing it, because of our ego. Because we are not capable of saying no… “No I won’t do this for me. I’ll stop and live a, yes, poor hard, but good life. NO!”

That phrase, and the play as whole, shook me, in a way. It made me believe something I have known for my entire life to be true. And I’m grateful for that. I’m grateful for being able to know what good and bad is and be able to choose good.

I don’t have much more to share, but… if you could, please tell me what that phrase wakes in you. What does it mean to you, without knowing the context, or the plot, or anything… just that phrase?

Hugs, love and good vibes,

Mademoiselle FANTASY

P.S.: I am not French. The name was just one of those stupid ideas someone has, but likes them too much to let them go… 🙂

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