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Letter To An Unknown Writer

I could write that this is an amazing post, or that I was in tears (in a good way) while reading this, or that you MUST read it… But I won’t. I don’t have enough words to do that. I don’t think the any dictionary in this world has enough words to describe it. What I will see is “Please read this post, by stripSearchLA. Check out the rest of his stuff, and maybe some of mine too.”

Jose Oseguera

     You are a writer, a bearer of truth, and your pen carries the responsibility of creation, of placing down on paper the fleeting ghosts of your imagination. As such, you possess something that cannot be learned or taught, bought or acquired. It is a craft that comes only through suffering. Through the painstaking process of selecting the right words to express a feeling or situation, like singling out individual droplets of water in the depths of the ocean. During the creation process, your thoughts reach out their arms like lost souls from the River Lethe, trying to grip at your curiosity, at the feeling in your mind that compels your hand to write down moments of inspiration. Immerse yourself in these thoughts, those that are submerged deep in your soul, haunted by visions, voices and virtue.

However, there will be times when you’ll feel like your mind has become…

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