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Miracles are waiting for you…

An extremely amazing short story by wepaintedthecloudsgrey. There are angels out there! 🙂


Anna was 17, but she was lost. Lost, not like I-don’t-know-the-way-back-home, but like I-know-the-way-home-but-I-don’t-have-the-energy-to-go-back. It was tumultuous agony day and night.

She could not get out of bed, she would constantly count in her head, voices making an uproar inside her head while her heart and soul were consumed by them at the same time.

She needed help getting dressed in the morning, when morning was merely at 2 pm in the afternoon. The nights were long, insomnia kept roaring inside her head. She listened to music till 3 am every night, and she envisioned in her head what it would have been like to have her dreams accomplished, a future shining as clear as pure water.

“Life is merely an excuse for a being like me…”, she usually thought of herself. She had no hope for the future. She cried alone at night, eyes swollen when she woke up…

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